Our Services

More than products, Olympia offers a wide range of alternative services as required across the industry.


Changing any supplier is a big task. It is important to ensure that continuity of supply and product quality is defined at an early stage of the tender process.  Our dedicated team will ensure a smooth process through every stage.

Janitorial and cleaning products are rarely a top priority for buyers, the last few years notwithstanding, however with rising costs it is important to evaluate the market.

Olympia Supplies offers a service to compare our products against the incumbent vendor and challenge the price of distributed items and the quality of manufactured chemicals.

An initial consultation will determine potential cost savings and the available alternative product samples.


Cleaning products and janitorial equipment are only as good as the cleaning technician that uses them. Our experienced contractors are available exclusively for the customers of Olympia.

Cleaning and disinfection is of utmost importance to help improve appearances and reduce pathogen exposure. The disruption from the last years has shown that infection control must be prioritised.

Olympia has a wide knowledge of cleaning practices and is capable of supplying both products and experienced contractors to assist in cleaning schedules. To book an initial consultation to identify the requirements and to understand timescales. Current contractors may also be transferred under tender according to the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations 2006.

This service is offered independently to our product delivery service but may be bundled with equipment servicing and/or washroom services as below.


Catering and cleaning equipment works best when it is cleaned and serviced regularly, Olympia can arrange the appropriate engineer to service all types of catering and hospitality machinary.

Many services are available to assist with compliance and regulatory requirements and can be performed to a pre-arranged maintenance schedule under contract.

  • Catering equipment installation
  • Equipment asset tagging
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Biannual or annual servicing
  • Audit reports
  • Gas Safety Inspection (CP42)

We offer a quick, friendly and efficient service with rigorously trained engineers.


Cleaning the washrooms of premises is likely the most challenging part of the cleaning service. Ensuring consumables are consistently topped up and combatting stubborn grime and stains can be a stand-alone process on top of all other cleaning duties.

We offer washroom deep cleaning services which will remove stains, limescale and mould to produce safer, more hygienic facilities. The benefits of our service include our cleaning technician will carry a full inventory of products to replace your air fresheners and urinal mats as well as top up your hand towel, toilet roll, and soap dispensers.

We can also help repair or replace broken or unstable tiles, mouldy grout and silicon, cracked grout, and damaged dispensers.

Contact us today for a quote on a 12-month regular cleaning schedule contract to see how much you can save.